Hello, I'm
Erin Fonzi Denton

But you can call me Fonzi.

A Product Designer working remote in Orlando, FL

Areas of Expertise

Discovery, Testing & Validation

Understand the problem first. I always like to question if the problems we are trying to solve are the right ones. Using qualitative and quantitative research, and testing to validate our assumptions. Then focusing on outcomes and opportunities is vital. Sometimes you don't have much to go off of, and that's okay.  Iteration, quick tests, and any data I can get my hands on helps make progress forward.

UI, Visual Design, and Branding Systems

Visual design and maintaining brand is important to experience. I started out in graphic design making logos and branding. I know the importance and impact of a consistent, versatile, and adaptable brand. I am hyper focused towards details and consistency across a product or platform. Maintaining design libraries and documenting our design decisions or patterns is important to maintaining this vision.

Facilitation & Collaboration

Yes, AND. I love facilitating video chats co-creating in a solution. That can take the form of usability tests, user interviews, card sorting, or even some kind of hybrid. Inside the team I love focus and flare activities, as well as pairing with engineers and stakeholders. I also promote using collaborative tools like Figma, FigJam.

Advocacy, Empowerment, & Mentorship

Product Teams should be empowered, and empower others to create product value.  Having worked as an educator, I love sharing knowledge and fostering a community that empowers others to make great product contributions. I also find fulfillment in mentoring junior designers reach their career goals and excel.

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Hello there! 

I have always had a life long love and practice of the arts. I went to University of Central Florida where I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. During my studies I started to realize my mostly print based skills were unfortunately a dying industry. I started to focus more on digital and began a career as a Freelance Designer with a focus on web, logo & brand style designs.

After that I became involved with my local Code for America brigade chapter, Code for Orlando. I started out simply designing app icons and user flows. Later I rose to lead the brigade as Co-Captain for 4 years. During this time I became enamored with user experience design. I began diving into the world of user centered design. I found the tasks of iteration, experimentation, testing, and validation something I had been craving. I started UX projects within our brigade, collaborated with the City of Orlando on improving city services through journey maps and usability testing, and began incorporating UX practices into my freelance work.

Somewhat overlapping, I began working as a Design Instructor at Skillcrush, a women-led online bootcamp. There I mentored junior designers, acted as a subject matter expert for class curriculum in the areas of Web Design & UX Design, and lead team discovery efforts on improving our product. I also spent some time away from my students to work on the product team full time doing product design for about 9 months to fill a need.

Next I joined a few close friends for a side hustle in the world of mobile product. I helped the early stage app establish brand and design consistency. I deepened a love of collaborating directly with engineers. Engineers are such great problem solvers- I love working with them in the early steps of product design. RecipeBox would later go on to be acquired in January 2022.

In my next role at Statusphere I had the exciting challenge of being the first product oriented hire. It was a whirlwind to co-create a product culture, discovery processes, and design processes and libraries. I helped our team who had gone from talking face to face with customers a small handful of times ever- to participating in continuous discovery every week. I began to dive into the figuring out how to scale our team in design with all our growth as a start up. Sadly, due to the economic downturn in Q3 2022 I was part of a company wide lay off.  

For my next role I am looking for somewhere I can grow in the product org with my longer term goal of moving into design management. I have a passion for mentorship and helping build up designers to be their best.

Looking forward to chatting with you!