Portal Glow Up for Brands at Statusphere

As a Product Designer I used opportunities discovered during continuous discovery, industry trends, as well as new branding launched by marketing, to make iterative changes to Statusphere's B2B customer experience to meet the desired outcome of higher customer engagement on our platform.

The Details


Statusphere is a B2B B2C platform that matches Brands and Content Creators to perform brand collaborations on Instagram and TikTok. Brands work with Customer Success Managers to create campaigns, identify targeting, aesthetic, create creative briefs, and offers to present to the creators. Creators have the option to choose which collaborations they wish to work with. Creators are mailed the products along with a list of required actions and creative direction. The creator makes their content and posts on the requested platform (often Instagram or TikTok). After, the brand receives the user generated content, along with engagement metrics. The Brand's user, often marketing managers, marketing directors, and sometimes CEO, CMOs, receive aggregated metrics and collections of user generated content for each campaign they run.

My role

I conducted continuous discovery, architected solutions, created high fidelity prototypes, and collaborated with engineers. It was difficult for us to test assumptions about the opportunities we discovered so the quickest way to validate our ideas was to drip out iterations into production and gather feedback from customers, customer success managers, and sales.


  • Increase monthly platform engagement
  • Expand the new branding to work well in web applications
  • Create feature concepts using the new theme to present to investors to aid in future funding rounds.


We iteratively released changes to our platform over time. New changes were based on opportunities discovered during our generative continuous discovery practice.

We discovered things like:

  • Brand Marketing Managers need to report metrics across multiple campaigns to their boss
  • Brand Marketing Managers want to communicate ROI to their team
  • Brand Marketing Managers need to report on the progress of multiple campaigns
  • Brand Marketing Managers want to re-engage the same creators
  • Brand marketing Managers wish they could provide positive and negative feedback on creators to Statusphere

As we gathered opportunities and worked to address them, we began releasing small feature updates to production.

All Designed Features:

  • New information architecture on campaign summaries
  • More relevant and appealing metrics on campaign summaries
  • Creator Re-Engagement Toggle
  • Creator Ratings
  • Campaign Progress Reporting
  • Multi Campaign Progress Reporting
  • Major MUI v5 upgrade with new theming to match branding
  • Responsive updates so that the platform is usable on mobile
  • Brand Email Snapshots

Before: Campaign Summary

The platform before the Statusphere Glow Up

After: Campaign Summary

The platform after the Statusphere Glow Up

After: New Reports Screen

Brand Marketing Managers can track progress on multiple campaigns

Reporting Future Concepts:

Concept for Investors on the direction we want to take with Reporting
Concept for Investors on the direction we want to take with Reporting

Take Away

  • Continuously releasing our updates over the year was the right move because we could get immediate feedback from customers.
  • Pre glow up we were engaging about 15% of our Brand Customers in our platform on a monthly basis, and by 12 months later, we had increased our monthly engagement on our platform by over 2x, engaging 33% of our Brand Customers on a monthly basis.
  • During our generative research we heard feedback on how brands were using our new features, and it helped us understand further opportunities we could address to improve how Statusphere solves problems for them.
  • We also got great feedback from touchpoints in the sales process, where the new platform is demoed to prospective clients. Our old portal had been described as "dated" looking and the new direction is receiving good feedback being described as "techy, friendly".