Marketing Landing Page and Investor Graphics at Statusphere

As a Product Designer I used opportunities discovered during continuous discovery, industry trends, as well as new branding launched by marketing, to make iterative changes to Statusphere's B2B customer experience to meet the desired outcome of higher customer satisfaction and increased platform sticky-ness.

The Details


Statusphere is a B2B B2C platform that matches Brands and Content Creators to perform brand collaborations on Instagram and TikTok. Brands work with Customer Success Managers to create campaigns, identify targeting, aesthetic, create creative briefs, and offers to present to the creators. Creators have the option to choose which collaborations they wish to work with. Creators are mailed the products along with a list of required actions and creative direction. The creator makes their content and posts on the requested platform (often Instagram or TikTok). After, the brand receives the user generated content, along with engagement metrics. The Brand's user, often marketing managers, marketing directors, and sometimes CEO, CMOs, receive aggregated metrics and collections of user generated content for each campaign they run.

My role

I used insights gained from multiple customer interviews to design a landing page that communicates well our value proposition. Worked with the CEO and Head of Marketing to finalize the landing page using the new branding.


Marketing Site re-skin matches new branding / communicates our value proposition well.

Increase conversions on home page.


Screenshot of the final design from

See the final design in action at

I pair designed with the CEO from low fidelity to high fidelity.

We used words / terms we  heard customers using during interviews to help write the copy.

We had previously made some artifacts to map out our brand customers on a value proposition canvas. This helped us put together compelling sections and ultimately decide what graphics to make.

Along with the design I created the graphics to help conceptually compel our value proposition. These graphics were also used in investor, and client decks to help communicate our value.

example of frequently re-purposed graphics I designed.

Take Away

  • It was a joy to help the CEO's vision for her company come alive on for her marketing site.
  • The conversion rate for the page is 39.68%, which is up 4.26%.
  • Submissions on the form increased by 13.19%